born ultimately to be the bearer of peace

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Francis arrived just days after the country's longtime president,, , was upset in an election he had called. The victor, Sirisena, had defected from the ruling party in November in a surprise move and won the election by capitalizing on Rajapaksa's unpopularity among ethnic and religious minorities.

The real reason that mankind is without peace is not ultimately because we cannot get along with one another. The reason we have unrest is because we do not have peace with God. Long before Jesus was born into the world, the prophet Isaiah spoke concerning this unrest. He understood that peace and reconciliation needed to be made with God, yet like Simeon, Isaiah acknowledged that this peace would come with a very high price. This infant would indeed grow up to be a ��sign spoken against.�� Isaiah 53 says that he would be ��despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows,assuming that there, and acquainted with grief�� (v. 3 KJV), but ultimately it would be through his punishment that we would have peace (v. 5). This child was born into the world destined for great things,tickets at the door, born to be the cause of the rise and fall of many, born ultimately to be the bearer of peace,North Little Rock, through his sacrificial death and by the power of his resurrection for those who would trust in him. It is only what lays before this child that can allow us to say with Simeon, now I can rest in peace, for my eyes have seen God��s salvation. The ��peace�� that surrounds the Christmas season comes from the birth of this King and Savior who would truly bring peace, the peace we need the most; God and sinners reconciled. ?

Gadsden City coach Jeremy Brooks called the victory one of the biggest wins I've ever been a part of, especially considering how close the teams played one another.

But judging from the party leaders�� remarks after Monday��s meeting, the opposition was unwavering. There was even a hint that they might extend the suspension of the foreclosures law beyond January.

The developers are targeting a March 2016 opening for the Landmark Center. Wright said there have been discussions with the city about starting work on the building��s foundation before the final building permit is issued to help them meet their planned completion date,the world's top producer.